Hold On!

I know that things have not gone as expected or planned. Or maybe they have. The problem is that what you expected was the worst case scenario. Or perhaps things have not changed and that is just as bad. So today I am asking you to do a hard thing and not give up. Unless you have received a definitive “no” from the Lord- not your situation, not your feelings, not your family or friends but the Lord- then hold on! (Of course, this will require seeking the Lord and being still and courageous enough to listening to what God says and not what you want.) Hold on and hear the words Jesus spoke to Martha at her brother Lazarus’ tomb: “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”(Jn. 11:40). The situation doesn’t have the last word, God does. I don’t care how many times the fat lady sings. If God didn’t give her the song, then you stay seated for the encore because your show is not over!

Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.

"Equipping the saints for ministry"

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