Wake Up!

Psalm 78:65 says that the Lord “awoke as from sleep.” The psalmist uses the image of sleep to express what he felt was inaction on God’s part when the people were defeated by their enemies. However, God did not refrain from delivering them forever. God fought on behalf of God’s people and set David over them as king.

Today we may feel like we need God to wake up and handle some things for us. However, remember that just because God isn’t doing what we want does not mean God is not doing anything at all. The breath we use to complain with–God gave us that. The strength we use to to throw our pity parties–God gave us that. The people who care enough to listen to our sob story again and again–God again. So maybe it isn’t God who needs to WAKE UP, but us. We may need to WAKE UP and see all God is doing even when God is not following our game plan.

Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.

"Equipping the saints for ministry"

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