is a digital clearinghouse for preaching, teaching, singing and just plain ‘ol worship. We have a user-friendly digital platform that will allow you to easily download digital audio and/or video content of sermons and teachings from our server so that you can access your favorite preachers 24/7.

At Say AMEN!, we believe that

  • worship is essential to Christian growth and maturity because it allows us to enter into the life changing presence of Almighty God.   It is not confined to a a particular time or place but can be done anytime, anywhere a believer seeks to encounter God.
  • preaching (proclamation of the Good News) is fundamental to Christian worship and necessary for evangelism (Rom. 10:14)
  • Christians are commanded to study the Word of God (2 Tim. 2:15) and are aided by those who are both prepared and called to “rightly explain the word of truth”
  • access to quality preaching, teaching, and worship arts must transcend church walls and reach into the everyday lives of people
  • we are a resource not a replacement for the “assembling of the saints,” church membership, or participation in a local community of faith.

Therefore, we believe that we are called to use 21st century tools to aid the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and encourage people to worship in their daily lives.  That’s why we have created this site to help you find powerful sermons and enlightening teaching to help you enter God’s presence anytime and in anyplace so that you can continue to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18).

Joining is Fast and Easy! 

lightstock_140612_small_lydell_lettsomeA username, password, and email address are all that is needed to CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT. Then preview sermons, purchase as you wish, and enjoy the increased benefits that come with being a Say AMEN! worshipper:

  • Audio & Visual presentations
  • Easy access to sermons from preachers from all over the country
  • Exclusive Sermon Series & Teachings
  • Easily follow the events of your favorite preacher or ministry
  • Participate in our prayer lines

Accessing inspirational sermons and thought-provoking posts from some of your favorite preachers has never been easier!


Download and You’re Done!

No internet connection? No problem! Once you download the sermon or teaching you want, it is available on your device.





Instead, focus on God and get the word and worship that you need

WHEREVER you are

WHENEVER you want


Make every day a worship day


Sometimes you need a word and isn’t Sunday.  Sometimes you need to worship but the church isn’t open.  Sometimes life doesn’t cooperate with the Liturgical calendar or church schedule but you still need to worship and you still need a word.

That’s ok! Just log into your Say AMEN! account to access your personal library of sermons or search our site to listen to hear someone new.  No need to wait for a Sunday, because at Say AMEN!, any day is a good day to praise the Lord!


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Enjoy an interactive, highly responsive version of the full-site on your smartphone or handheld device.  If you are never without your phone, then you will never be without a sermon!