General Questions

How do I join Say Amen?

Joining is easy. View this video for step by step instructions for creating your User Account:


Click “My Account” in the sidebar. Fill in your name, password, and email address on the form to create your user account and you are all set!

What is my username?

Your username is the first and last name (with a space between) that you used when you created your account

How much does it cost to join?

Joining is free! You only pay for the sermons that you purchase.

How do I upload my profile picture?

Once you have created your user account, login with your username and password. Click “My Account” located in the upper right-hand area of the page. Choose “Edit Account.” Upload  your picture at the “Profile Picture” section right below your email address.

How do I manage my account and edit my information?
How do I purchase sermons?

Click on the sermon that you would like to purchase and select the tab that says “Add to My Cart.”   Follow the prompts to complete your payment. Once payment is complete,  your sermon(s)  will appear in the “My Sermons” section of your account.  You will also receive a payment receipt and email with a link to your sermon.

Can I listen to a preview of a sermon?

Yes, if the preacher has created  a preview for that particular sermon.  To check, click on the sermon in which you are interested.   If a black screen appears with a play button icon  (white triangle enclosed in a white circle),  a preview is available. Click the play button and have a listen.

How do I know if this sermon is an audio or a video file?

Audio files have a speaker icon with sound waves superimposed on the sermon cover.   Video files  have the play icon (a yellow triangle) superimposed on a sermon cover and may also be designated with “video” in the name.