Enemies of the State?


Enemies of the State?

Exodus 1:15-19

15 The king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah, 16 “When you are helping the Hebrew women during childbirth on the delivery stool, if you see that the baby is a boy, kill him; but if it is a girl, let her live.” 17 The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live. 18 Then the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and asked them, “Why have you done this? Why have you let the boys live?” 19 The midwives answered Pharaoh, “Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they are vigorous and give birth before the midwives arrive.”

         At initial glance Puah and Shiphrah appear as dishonest liars. Yet as is often the case, appearances are deceiving. Although the order was coming from Pharaoh it was still a command to commit murder. Moreover the act was in direct violation to the will of God. Thankfully Puah and Shiphrah did not get intimidated or enthralled by being in the presence of Pharaoh. Unfortunately the State doesn’t always have our best interests at heart and will lead us away from God if we are not careful.

Remember that slavery and all of the beatings, raping, starvation and oppression that goes with it is often sanctioned by the State.

Apartheid was sanctioned by the State.

Jim Crow regulations were sanctioned by the State.

Prior to Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954, minorities having inferior or dysfunctional resources was sanctioned by the State.

Prior to passage of Title IX in 1972, women having inferior or dysfunctional resources was sanctioned by the State.

As Christians we must be careful to not let the policies of the State cause us to contradict the will of God or engage in activities that are actually against our own best interests.

Cecil Lettsome

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