Faith that Heals!


Luke 8:48
“48Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”
The woman with the issue of blood is probably one of the famous recorded encounters with Jesus. A downtrodden female plagued by a debilitating disease for 12 years touched Jesus in a crowd.
Despite probably being severely weakened from 12 years of failed remedies and progression of disease, she fights her way through a mob like crowd to touch Jesus. As a woman bleeding she was an outcast of society who was supposed to let people know she was unclean. Yet she silently fought her way through a crowd to touch Jesus.
Jesus’ response to this after she finally touches him is telling. “Daughter, your faith has healed you.” It suggests that, in reality, our healing or restoration often requires persistent determined actions. Actions that are beyond prayer or fasting. Sometimes we may have go places that we were not invited to. Sometimes we will have to push our way through crowds. Sometimes we will have to talk to people we don’t know or afraid are of. 
The lady with this issue of blood shows us that sometimes we will have to behave like our healing is possible before our healing is even achieved. This means that we will have to exercise, diet, take medications or sleep properly even if these things didn’t work for us before.
Her persistence shows us that we should value our health and wholeness. That we should take pride in taking naps or days off. That we should value eating healthy and in moderation. That we should give exercise and relaxation that same regard we give to work and productivity. 
Finally my friends this woman shows us all that we should believe that Jesus wants us healthy. Jesus did not scold this woman for any of the societal rules that she broke to touch him. Instead he praised her faith.
Jesus has more for us than pain and suffering. Can we live our lives daily making decisions that will place health and wholeness within our reach?
Cecil Lettsome

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